Strong Lips Art

inspired by a brief flirtation with adolescent depression and the ups and downs of passionate relationships.

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Anonymous asked: I'm interested in one of your pictures I saw at Brewer's Quay - it's a nightmare trying to contact you!! It's the "F*** You, I'm Perfect" - is that still available? I do only buy pictures with the artist's signature so I hope that can be arranged. I'm in Weymouth again on the 19th / 20th Sept. Thanks - Trevor

Hi Trevor,

Sorry for not replying sooner, I’ve been on holiday. I’m popping into the gallery today to make sure my information is available and up to date, but in the meantime my email address is

I am available on 19th and 20th September and could meet you at the gallery if you like. All of my pieces of work should be signed but I am more than willing to sign if it isn’t already.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes